Maltese with inner flame

Heat things up with this premium backrest. This five-alarm beauty will be sure to set your fender ablaze.

At Resurrection, we understand that you might not be wild about the idea of installing a sissy bar on your custom bike – no matter how many times your girl asks. You’re probably worried about how it will look, how long you’ll be without your bike while it’s in the shop and how much it will cost to have installed. That’s where we come in!

With Resurrection Chopper Gear’s universal sissy bars, it doesn’t matter if your bike has a solo seat or a two-up seat, or if it has a receiver already in place for a sissy bar. Our sissy bars are designed to fit nearly any bike on the market, and they’re so easy to install you won’t lose any time on the road (or money) to downtime in the shop.

Best of all, Resurrection’s stylish sissy bars offer the custom look you want to enhance your bike – providing your girl with comfort and safety, and you with a custom bike accessory that will have everyone asking where you got it.

Our sissy bars take just seconds to install on nearly any bike out there, and are available with a top-of-the-line pillion pad for an even more comfortable ride. The Maltese Inner Flame sissy bar and our premium pillion pad, featuring AirHawk technology, are exactly what your passenger needs for unmatched safety and comfort on the road. And, Resurrection is the only place you’ll find pillion pads with a built-in, stylish backrest.

Our universal concealed mounting bracket allows you to retain the custom look of your bike and quickly install your setup, so you and your girl won’t miss a moment on the open road.

All of our motorcycle accessories are top-quality products, handcrafted and designed for durability and safety. Take a look at our Installation and Care Guide to see just how easy it is to get started.

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  • Sissy Bar

    Maltese with inner flame
  • Accessories

    Pillion Pad
    Mounting Hardware
  • Warranty

    One Year Limited Warranty


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    $522.20 Total

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