About Us

If you are looking for the most stylish sissy bars anywhere, look no further.

Resurrection Chopper Gear offers a line of easy to install, artfully designed sissy bars made to fit most motorcycles whether you have a solo seat or a two-up seat. Our innovative sissy bars eliminate retrofitting, downtime in the shop, and the costs associated with it.

Our original “Fearless” line and Resurrection’s next generation “Aggressive” line are the stylish motorcycle accessories that will take the look of any bike to the next level – so your motorcycle will stand out from the crowd while giving your passenger the comfort she deserves.

Our sissy bars install in seconds and are secured in minutes. Resurrection’s sissy bars are laser cut from a single piece of ¼” hardened steel and can be paired with a premium pillion pad featuring a version of Airhawk’s air cushion technology, if you need a passenger seat and sissy bar all in one. Our universal concealed mounting bracket attaches the pillion pad and sissy bar to the fender under the main rider’s seat so your passenger is safe and secure. If you have a two up seat our sissy bars mount to the fender under the seat. The need to attach to the struts, like the traditional sissy bar, is now eliminated no matter what style you need.

Choose from our wide variety of backrests designed to compliment any bike out there, and see how Resurrection Chopper Gear’s best in class sissy bars can bring your fender to life!